Zebra accelerates your path to the internet of things:

Create a Visible Value Chain across your critical business operations.

Enterprises are looking at the advent of Big Data as a vast mine to gain deeper, more actionable insight into their operations and processes, and do more with less. The richness of Big Data is more than just the volume of data, but also the velocity and value of the data. Before organizations can place this data into actionable form, it must be universally accessible throughout the value chain.

Retransfer Technology Delivers the Optimal Card Printing Solution

Retransfer technology is the optimal on-demand printing solution for meeting the stringent image quality and encoding standards that advanced card applications require. Today’s innovative technology for retransfer printing delivers a fast, flexible, and affordable solution.

Control Access and Protect Assets with Print-on-Demand Intelligent ID Cards

Fraud and theft are constant threats to any organization, and the protections put in place against malicious activities must constantly evolve. This white paper defines how human resources and security departments can print intelligent ID cards to identify employees, visitors and patrons, and manage access to facilities, equipment, and services through a range of “intelligent” access card technologies.

Understanding Technologies for Creating High-Security ID Cards

Before you purchase a card printer, there are a few things you should know about ID cards and printers. The type of printer you choose will depend on: • The type of card you plan to use • How many cards you plan to print • How often you need to print cards • What printing elements you need to incorporate into your card • The quality of card images • Type of encoding required on the card.

Gen 2 Extends Range and Possibilities for Contactless ID Cards

Gen 2 and other UHF technologies remove many of the limitations traditionally associated with contactless ID cards, but create new system-planning challenges. This white paper explains how organizations can take advantage of the range, speed, security, and memory of Gen 2 RFID cards to create effective processes for employee and customer identification, security, asset management, and customer service.

Smart ID Cards for Education:

Secure the Campus While Providing Essential Services

The 2011 Campus Safety magazine’s “How Safe Is Your Campus?” report revealed that 52 percent of faculty said their institutions fail to dedicate sufficient resources to campus safety and security. The simple answer relies on the same technology that corporations use—secure smart ID cards. Embedded with “smart” features such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and tamper-resistant laminates, education campuses can realize a wide range of benefits, from tightening security, to streamlining admission, to improving paid services.

Enabling Security, Compliance and Efficiency:

Achieve Your Federal Identification Credentialing Goals

Identity management and verification depend on trusted credentialing technologies. U.S. federal, state and local governments and private enterprises alike are seeking ways to improve security, not just for facility access, but also for single-sign-on into cyberspace.

Building Value From Visibility:

2012 Enterprise Internet of Things Adoption Outlook

The term ‘‘Internet of Things’’ (IoT) was first used nearly 15 years ago. While there’s been no single standard definition of IoT solutions since the possibilities of Internet of Things was first discussed, a variety of technologies are used in implementation (e.g., RFID tags, barcodes, and GPS technologies).